Monday, February 4, 2019

Where do you most often look for books?

I seriously want to know. I'm always looking for new places to buy or download books. PLEASE take a minute and post your favorite web stores, Brick and Mortar stores, or others for all of us to check out.  Use the comment button at the bottom of this post

Here are my favorite places to shop for books:

Online sites:
Amazon, EReader IQ, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble,

Did you know that Goodwill has an online site? You can search for books, movies, etc. I searched for Romance and found 124 matches. Who knew! I love going to our local Goodwill Store to search for books. My mother and I can spend hours there.

Brick and Mortar Stores:

Of course, there are Books a Million, Lifeway Christian Stores, Barnes and Noble has a brick mortar and store in addition to the internet site. There are many local Mom and Pop stores too.

Don't forget your local library. My hometown, White House, TN,  has an awesome library!
Check out Open Library online. You can borrow all sorts of digital books there.

Don't forget to share your favorites places with everyone in the comments below. 

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