Monday, January 21, 2019

Have You seen The New Mary Poppins Returns Movie?

I don't care how old you are you will love Mary Poppins Returns. The animation was fabulous, the special effects amazing and the story was great!

Bill and I went a couple of weeks ago. We sat back in our lounge chairs at our local Fandango theater and entered into a time warp. I mostly sat and wondered how in the world did the artists and animators at Disney  put this beautiful movie together so seamlessly. It will surely win it's share of academy awards.

Bill and I are not the only adults we know who went to see this movie without kids or grandkids and loved it.

The plot was good, bad guys were BAD, heros were lovable, Mary Poppins was funny and smart, the kids were believable and great little actors. Dick Van Dyke's cameo appearance at the end will blow you away! At 93 years old he can still dance like a 20 year old and on top of a desk at that!

I'll give Mary Poppins Returns a Triple A rating!  

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