Monday, June 4, 2018

More Great Books To Talk About

I just finished a really good book. It kept me reading past midnight for a couple of nights! I highly recommend it. When Never Comes by Barbara Davis was a suspense-filled, sweet story about heartache and redemption. Here's what the editor says:

"What if you could save a child in need, but she would be a constant reminder of past hardship and heartache? Could you do it? Our heroine, Christy-Lynn Parker, never wanted to have kids. She had a horrible childhood—first with her drug-addled mother, next in foster care, and ultimately out on the streets. To Christy-Lynn’s relief, her husband never pushed for children. In fact, she thought he didn’t want them at all. So imagine her shock when she finds out after his death that he had a daughter named Iris with another woman—the same woman he died within the depths of an icy bay in Maine."

Grab a copy for yourself here: 

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