Monday, June 25, 2018


A Step By Step Guide to Plant Propagation was actually my first book. I have since revised it and added more gardening tips. Spring and summer is gardening time so I thought I'd tell you a little about what you can find in my gardening book.

Not only will you find numerous ways to multiply your plant collection but lots of gardening tips as well.

Did you know there are many plants that root in water? Find out which ones and how to do it on a sunny windowsill. pages 34-39

I'll even tell you about plants that root themselves, no kidding. Just lay a leaf or stem on a shelf and watch! See page 40-41

Want to save money? look at Chapter 12: Money Saving Tips and Tricks

Find A Step By Step Guide to Plant Propagation Revised Edition on Amazon. Just click the title above. And check out my gardening blog too: Gardening Tips For Small Spaces  I've been writing gardening tips for nine years now so you will find lots of information on my posts. Below is a screenshot of a recent post.

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