Friday, May 25, 2018

Do you know about Amazon Giveaways?

Did you know that Amazon gives away tons of stuff, including books on the Giveaway site? Most of the time there is no requirement to enter a giveaway but sometimes you will need to watch a short video or follow the person doing the giveaway.

Today when I checked out the site I found giveaways for books, a Kindle Fire tablet, a motion detector, a french press coffee maker, Baby toys, a designer handbag, all sorts of iPhone cases, jewelry and toys plus a plethora of other stuff.
Check it out. It's fun, free and who knows, you may be a winner! When you click the item to see if you have won, a box pops up and when you click the box it tells you if you have won or not. It usually offers a discount on the item if you are not a winner.

Here are some things I found today:




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