Friday, April 6, 2018

Don't Buy My Book...YET!

So I know you might think I've lost my mind. What author would not want to sell their book? Well, an author who found major issues when she ordered 20 paperback copies for herself.

The first thing I saw was no page numbers. I know that may not be a big deal for some people but to me, it was a deal breaker. Also, there were formatting issues that did not show up on the print proof I ordered.

I am in the process of correcting the problems and the books should be O.K. to order in a week or so.

Amazon Create Space customer service was amazing! The rep is monitoring my update process, has promised to replace the books I ordered that I cannot use.

I'll post here and on Facebook when the book is available again.

The writing was a breeze....publishing, not so much. LOL!

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