Monday, February 12, 2018

This is Us...Anyone else addicted?

A story is a story whether written on paper, read on a device or watched on a screen. I don't know where I was last year when This Is Us became the hottest show on TV. I guess I was watching some crime or NCIS series with Bill. 😏

So, all my friends were talking about this show and warned me that I HAD to watch the very first show from last year before I could understand what would be going on this year.

I ordered the whole season on DVD and it arrived in my mailbox Friday. Oh, My Goodness! I am hooked! I've watched the pilot and 7 more episodes in the last two days! I have 2 more DVD's to go. I hope to watch them all before the new season begins next week.  I hope the premier that was on after the Superbowl is on my disk. If not, I'll have to visit Amazon to watch it too.

I feel about this series the same way I feel when I find a book that is so good, I literally can't put it down. I read The Shack straight through. I actually read all night. Those don't come around often. Neither does really good television. I am not a big fan of TV, too much violence, sex, and plain lousy shows out there. This Is Us is the exception.  If you haven't watched that very first show and hang on! Or come over to my house and watch with me, Bill is not a fan. Maybe it's a "girl" thing. Post a comment if your husband or significant other likes the show and watches with you.


  1. My hubs and I watch it together :) We love it!

  2. After I wrote this post, I Talked Bill into watching another episode. He actually enjoyed it, so maybe I will have a buddy to watch with me now.


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