Monday, January 8, 2018

Get EBooks for free...Seriously!

In this first post, I want to share my favorite ways to get FREE Kindle Books. No! I have so many wonderful books on my Kindle that I have gotten absolutely free! In fact, I have so many that I have taken a break from downloading new ones until I read the ones already there.

Here are places to sign up for Free and cheap books:
eBooks Habit  I get daily offers from this site. I've downloaded tons of books from them.

BookBub you can edit your preferences on this site

Amazon Free Books No kidding! Download free books from  Amazon's books for sale without the Kindle Prime app. I have kindle Prime but I see no reason to buy the Prime Kindle app because I get books free without it!

eReaderIQ ereader books are updated hourly here so there are always new ones to choose from

I love "cozy" mystery as well as "cozy" romance novels. They are good clean reads and there are so many authors who make a really good living writing these. Most of them offer the new ones free when they are first published (it's a good way to get those important reviews)  Here are a couple of my favorite authors. You will need to sign up for their newsletters to get the free books and believe me it is worth it.
Hope Callaghan 
Alison Golden

If you really want to blow your mind check out this site with lists of all cozy authors listed by theme, author name and so much more Cozy

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