Monday, December 10, 2018

A Great Last Minute Gift for the Readers on Your Gift List

I've talked about everyone else's books, now it's my turn. My books are available in paperback for gift giving as well as Kindle format. Did you know you can gift a kindle copy? Gift Cards can be used to buy Kindle content, digital music and Amazon Video downloads.

Mary of Bethany, The Untold Story is a good read for an adult as well as a teenager. Find out what a naughty Jewish girl, a Roman chariot driver and a field of Indigo has to do with the life of Jesus. 

Mary first met Jesus by accident when she was in a place she should never have been. She would have been in terrible trouble if the boy Jesus had not shown up just in time. Travel the dusty streets of Jerusalem to Mary’s home in Bethany, visit places and meet people you may have never heard of before. See Mary and her family in a whole new way. Come and experience the life of one of the most famous women in the Bible and learn her untold story. This book is fiction based on Biblical fact.

For The gardners on your list you can't do better than 

Step By Step Guide To Plant Propagation Revised Edition  in this book are tips and tricks for rooting cuttings and ways with seeds plus other methods to multiply a plant collection. Read how to root almost any plant with mist. There is even a section on money saving ideas and repurposing things that may have otherwise been tossed into the trash. 

Who knows, your recipient might even share their plants with you after they read my book. 😉

Monday, December 3, 2018

A Dog's Way Home an Adventure Book

I've posted about author W. Bruce Cameron before. I love his books! I just read another one that I could not put down.

A Dog's Way Home is about a puppy who is being raised by a feral cat, a crawl space full of cats and the man who is feeding them. Of course there is a villain who want to destroy them all. There is a love interest and many adventures that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The amazing journey that the dog must make to find his way home is totally believable. On his journey he becomes friends with a cougar, a crazy old man, a street person and more. All the time trying to make it back to his home and the young man who saved him from being put to sleep. I laughed and cried and could not put the book down till the end. A Dog's Way Home is going to be a major movie too! Amazon says "soon to be released" I'll go see it for sure.

Bruce Cameron has a gift of making his readers think like the animals he writes about. I wrote about him in this post too: IF YOU LOVE ANIMAL STORIES, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU.

Monday, November 26, 2018


I'm pretty much over the disgusting name calling and back stabbing election we just finished.

Tennessee elected a new governor and I must give him credit. He did not run one negative ad about his opponent. Bill Lee kept it about what he has done and will do for Tennessee. It's one of the reasons I voted for him.

So what's all that got to do with books? Well, Bill Lee has written a book that is not one thing to do with politics or government. It is the story of his life. The sweet, the sad, the tragedies and the mountaintop (literally) experiences.

This Road I'm On: The Power of Hope in the Face of Adversity is a heartwarming, can't put it down book. Please add this one to your to read list. You won't be sorry. From his chewing tobacco on the farm as a boy, the loss of babies and his first wife, to a climb to the top of The Grand Teton with his 16 year old daughter, you will love this book.  Keep a box of tissue nearby, you will need it. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

I love Books with a Local Setting

Books set in Nashville TN are fairly common but I really like it when I come across a novel set in small town Tennessee.

One of the things Bill and I like to do in the spring and fall is to take a daytrip to some Tennessee small town for lunch and self guided tour. There are many picturesque little towns in Middle and East Tennessee. West Tennessee too, but those are usually an overnighter for us.

Home to Walnut Ridge by Diane Moody is the latest Tennessee book I've read. It was great! I actually stayed up past midnight reading it. The setting is a fictitious town in East Tennessee (at least I couldn't find it on the map or on Google) but I've seen many little mountain towns similar to Diane's descriptions. There is a restaurant in the book that is a real place in Monteagle. It is quite famous. It involves Al Capone and his mistress. You will have to read the book to learn what happens there. The little shop on the cover is a real place too.  The author comments at the end of the book will tell you where it's located.

I give it five stars. Check  it out for yourself and post your opinion here when you are done reading.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

More Free Books!

I want to give you a heads up for more free books. Just remember when you've read a book that is offered for free, please give it a review ASAP! Authors only give away their books in hopes of reviews. Reviews turn into sales later. We all love to write but it's not much fun if no one buys our books. 😢

OK, so here are the links:

Booksweeps Free Books

Amazon's deal of the day - Books (not always free but discounted)

Bargain Booksy  check out their deal of the day.

My personal favorite E-books Habit. Sign up for their email and get free books offers in your mailbox

Prolific Works has free books and you can get notices in your mailbox too.

And this easy to remember site: FreeBooks They have a ton of categories!

If you have a favorite site that I haven't mentioned, please leave a comment and share with me!