Monday, January 14, 2019

New Book from One of My Favorite Writers, Tosca Lee

I discovered Tosca years ago when I found her book Havah, The Story of Eve at a Lifeway Christian Book Store. I could not put it down! I then read, Demon. It is not what you might think...loved it!  Then there was Iscariot and The legend of Sheba. I devoured them all and kept the books. I only keep books that I loved so much I can't part with them.

Tosca wrote a series of Books with Ted Dekker that I started but honestly, they were too dark for me as were Progeny and Firstborn but they all made best seller lists so you need to check them out for yourself.

Her new novel, The Line Between will hit bookstores and Amazon soon. I've pre-ordered it. Can't wait to read it. You can read the first chapter on Amazon at the link above.

Here is Tosca's Goodreads page with more information about her and her books: Tosca Lee on Goodreads 

I'd love to hear from you and what books you love! Post a comment below and I promise to read it. 

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Monday, December 31, 2018

My Suggestions for Winter Reading

I have more time to read in winter. I know I should be writing, but there are just so many books!

Here are some on my list and some I've already read.
I am reading "A Dog's Luck: A Love Story and a Family Saga Intertwined" it is really good and I'm having a hard time putting it down. The writing style is different from anything I have read. It is almost poetry but still very readable. If you like family drama and dogs, this one is for you. 
Here's what Amazon says about this book:

A story of love, separation and longing
A Dog’s Luck is a unique, moving and thought-provoking work of literary art that deals with existential issues in a heartfelt, high-tempo and dynamic style. It touches on love, separation and longing, in an expressive, multi-layered language that provokes the readers to reflect upon subtle nuances of their own inner worlds."

It is a fun read full of adventure, mathem, monsters and Giants! If you liked Harry Potter, you will like this. I plan to read the others in this series too.

I've written about "cozy" mysteries before and I just read another good one. 
Amazon says: Jade’s promising career comes to an unexpected halt when a hacker targets her friend and fellow blogger, Liz, destroying her livelihood and reputation. But the intrusion doesn’t stop there. The mysterious hacker, known only as Connie, is a stalker, and now she has her eyes on Liz’s three children. Before Jade can even begin to investigate, Connie is found… dead in Liz's kitchen. To the sheriff's department, the case is cut and dry. Now Liz is in jail, and Jade is the only one who can free her. 

On my list to read next are: To Catch a Butterfly by T.M. Payne, Catalyst by Michael C. Grumley and The Eye of Moloch by Glenn Beck

These should get you started. Comment below and tell us your favorite winter reads. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Richard Paul Evans- If Only

Richard Paul Evans is one of my favorite authors. I recently came across If Only at the Goodwill Store.  As we say here in the south, I jumped on it like a chicken on a June bug, 

I read it in 3 days. I would have finished it sooner but it's the holidays and I have a ton of work to do.

This is a story of first love, wounded hearts, abuse and desperation. It's about coming of age in the sixties, family abuse, redemption and innocence.

From Grace's diary: Today I asked Eric to be my boyfriend. I know it's supposed to be the other way around but he's shy and it would probably take a hundred years otherwise and by then I might have changed my mind.  

The ending was not what I was expecting...I won't ruin it for you. Grab a copy and plan to stay up a few nights to finish it. Amazon link here or maybe you will get lucky at the thrift shop like I did. .

Friday, December 14, 2018

My Gardening Book is FREE This Weekend! My Novel Is On Sale Too

Get this book free Dec 15-16 2018
On December 15 and 16 (that's tomorrow and Sunday) my Plant Propagation Book Kindle Edition will be FREE! 2 days only! The paperback edition (not on sale) would make a nice gift for any gardeners on your gift list. There is still time to get it delivered by Christmas.

Here is the link 

99 cents on Dec.15 -16 2018
The Kindle Edition of my novel is also on sale for 99 cents the same two days . Grab a copy hereIt too comes in a paperback edition.

Remember you don't have to own a Kindle to read Kindle books. Get the Kindle app and download all the Kindle books you want. Read on any device.

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Great Last Minute Gift for the Readers on Your Gift List

I've talked about everyone else's books, now it's my turn. My books are available in paperback for gift giving as well as Kindle format. Did you know you can gift a kindle copy? Gift Cards can be used to buy Kindle content, digital music and Amazon Video downloads.

Mary of Bethany, The Untold Story is a good read for an adult as well as a teenager. Find out what a naughty Jewish girl, a Roman chariot driver and a field of Indigo has to do with the life of Jesus. 

Mary first met Jesus by accident when she was in a place she should never have been. She would have been in terrible trouble if the boy Jesus had not shown up just in time. Travel the dusty streets of Jerusalem to Mary’s home in Bethany, visit places and meet people you may have never heard of before. See Mary and her family in a whole new way. Come and experience the life of one of the most famous women in the Bible and learn her untold story. This book is fiction based on Biblical fact.

For The gardners on your list you can't do better than 

Step By Step Guide To Plant Propagation Revised Edition  in this book are tips and tricks for rooting cuttings and ways with seeds plus other methods to multiply a plant collection. Read how to root almost any plant with mist. There is even a section on money saving ideas and repurposing things that may have otherwise been tossed into the trash. 

Who knows, your recipient might even share their plants with you after they read my book. 😉