Thursday, March 21, 2019

I've started on the second "Mary" book

As you may know, I'm writing a trilogy about the"Marys" of the New Testament; Mary of Bethany (available on Amazon now), Mary Magdelene, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

I'm five chapters into the Mary Magdelene story. Here is the first chapter...I'm sure I will change a few things about it before I'm done. Hopefully, I'll finish it before the end of this summer and it will be available for purchase.

Mary Magdelene,
The Rest Of The Story

Chapter 1
The Beginning

I like to say that my life began in the middle. I also wish I could totally forget what happened before I had what I like to call “My Jesus Experience.” But because I can’t forget, I’ll start my story with the past – what I can remember of the before. The telling will be brief but painful. It was really not brief but I don’t think I can bear to tell more. The ending is so much sweeter than the beginning.

My first memory was of cold. I was a tiny girl, alone in the back of a dimly lit place between two buildings. I have very shadowy, almost nightmarish memories of a woman being dragged away screaming and I wanted so badly to go with her.  I could not keep up with the people who were taking her away.  They left me, A little girl almost six years old, alone to defend for myself.

If it had not been for the boy, I would have surely starved or worse. Very few of the street kids actually knew how old we were. Birthdays weren’t as important as the art of surviving was to us. It is by looking back that I believe Heshel to have been about ten years old. I know he seemed very wise and much older than me. Because I was new on the street and had lived a better life before, I did know that I was 5 years old. Heshel seemed much older and wiser than I.

The night after my mother was taken, I had hidden under a stall in a far corner of the market place. It was near an alleyway. I was afraid of the dark so I didn’t go into that dark ally. Just as the sun was peeking over the tops of the distant hills, I saw a small group of ragged children creeping out of the alley near where I was hiding.

They scattered out into the market like a flock of frightened birds. One boy grabbed a fig from the table I was hiding under. He started to run but he dropped the fruit. As he bent over to pick it up, he saw me there under the table.

He scooted in next to me. Since no one was around that early in the morning, I suppose he felt safe enough to talk to me. He asked my name and where my father was and why I was hiding under a table. I told him I didn’t know what had happened to my father. I could only remember my mother and I told him about the soldiers taking her away the night before. I couldn’t help crying and I was ashamed of acting like a baby but I wanted my mother so badly.

The boy tried to comfort me. He said his name was Heshel and I could stay with him until we could find my mother. I know now that Heshel knew there was no hope of finding my mother. I will be forever grateful for his kindness and friendship. He would have been much better off on the streets without a tiny girl to worry about.

Heshel peeked out and looked to see if anyone was around. The street was still fairly empty so he grabbed another fig or two and we ate them under the table. He told me to be very quiet and stay where I was. He said he would come back for me but I must stay as far back near the wall as I could and not make any noise until he returned. I was too scared to go out anyway. That was the longest morning I can ever remember.

The sun was getting hot and I was thirsty before Heshel scooted in under the table again. The stall where we were hiding was fairly large and the last one on the end of a street near an ally. The alley was between two tall buildings. It was dark and cool and scary. I didn't want to go into that place because it was in such a place as that where my mother had tried to hide us on the day she was taken from me. Heshel said we would be safe there if we kept to the back and were very quiet. I really didn’t have much choice, I was afraid to be alone, but the ally with Heshel was better than being all by myself in the town.

For days, maybe weeks, Heshel and I managed to beg and steal enough food to barely survive. He was very bold and didn’t mind asking for money or food. He said I should be quiet and let him talk. He told people that I was his sister and we were very hungry. The hungry part was certainly true. Some of those people felt sorry for us and gave us a coin or two or bought food for us. Many of them cursed at us and told us to get away from them. We moved around from alley to ally or stayed under stalls at night. The fear of being taken away from Heshel was always with me.

I don’t know how many days or weeks we lived in the market place. It may have been much longer than I think. All I remember is always being hungry and dirty. I wanted so badly to be back in my old home with a pitcher of clean water and a basin to wash in.  

Monday, February 18, 2019

A Little Humor Please

I love minions! My husband Bill sent these to me and the best way I  know to share them is here. No, it's not a book but if you really stretch it they could be literature. 😉 ENJOY!


Monday, February 4, 2019

Where do you most often look for books?

I seriously want to know. I'm always looking for new places to buy or download books. PLEASE take a minute and post your favorite web stores, Brick and Mortar stores, or others for all of us to check out.  Use the comment button at the bottom of this post

Here are my favorite places to shop for books:

Online sites:
Amazon, EReader IQ, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble,

Did you know that Goodwill has an online site? You can search for books, movies, etc. I searched for Romance and found 124 matches. Who knew! I love going to our local Goodwill Store to search for books. My mother and I can spend hours there.

Brick and Mortar Stores:

Of course, there are Books a Million, Lifeway Christian Stores, Barnes and Noble has a brick mortar and store in addition to the internet site. There are many local Mom and Pop stores too.

Don't forget your local library. My hometown, White House, TN,  has an awesome library!
Check out Open Library online. You can borrow all sorts of digital books there.

Don't forget to share your favorites places with everyone in the comments below. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Have You seen The New Mary Poppins Returns Movie?

I don't care how old you are you will love Mary Poppins Returns. The animation was fabulous, the special effects amazing and the story was great!

Bill and I went a couple of weeks ago. We sat back in our lounge chairs at our local Fandango theater and entered into a time warp. I mostly sat and wondered how in the world did the artists and animators at Disney  put this beautiful movie together so seamlessly. It will surely win it's share of academy awards.

Bill and I are not the only adults we know who went to see this movie without kids or grandkids and loved it.

The plot was good, bad guys were BAD, heros were lovable, Mary Poppins was funny and smart, the kids were believable and great little actors. Dick Van Dyke's cameo appearance at the end will blow you away! At 93 years old he can still dance like a 20 year old and on top of a desk at that!

I'll give Mary Poppins Returns a Triple A rating!  

Monday, January 14, 2019

New Book from One of My Favorite Writers, Tosca Lee

I discovered Tosca years ago when I found her book Havah, The Story of Eve at a Lifeway Christian Book Store. I could not put it down! I then read, Demon. It is not what you might think...loved it!  Then there was Iscariot and The legend of Sheba. I devoured them all and kept the books. I only keep books that I loved so much I can't part with them.

Tosca wrote a series of Books with Ted Dekker that I started but honestly, they were too dark for me as were Progeny and Firstborn but they all made best seller lists so you need to check them out for yourself.

Her new novel, The Line Between will hit bookstores and Amazon soon. I've pre-ordered it. Can't wait to read it. You can read the first chapter on Amazon at the link above.

Here is Tosca's Goodreads page with more information about her and her books: Tosca Lee on Goodreads 

I'd love to hear from you and what books you love! Post a comment below and I promise to read it. 

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